The church is located in Herbert Street, Carnlough, a village on the Antrim Coast Road so loved by many people for its natural beauty. 

The premises are small but very well maintained and and the congregation, though small in number are always delighted to welcome visitors into their fellowship.

Our Sunday morning Worship is at 9.30am, with Sunday School starting at 10.30am. Holy Communion is held on the second Sunday in the month. Evening worship is at 7.00pm and will take place in one of the churches on the Larne Circuit.


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Overseas Mission Sunday 22nd February 2015

This year in Carnlough the Overseas Mission Service was in the round.....with a large map of the world on the floor(see picture below). Everything started from Jerusalem where Jesus told the eleven disciples to go into all the world and make disciples. Members of the congregation then told the stories of various individuals who heard God's call while the young people laid freestanding place names on the various cities and countries.

First Saint Thomas going to India, then Saint Paul taking the good news to Turkey, Greece, Malta and Rome. 

Second. Saint Patrick coming to Ireland and Saint Columbe going from Ireland to Europe.

Finally stories of our own time when men and women went from Ireland. The McConnells going to Haiti, the Mullans of Carnlough going to Japan, the Flynns from Belfast going to Ethiopia and the Gastons at the moment in South Africa.

Finally we prayed for countries and individuals in the Review 2015 from MMS(I). So by the end the map was covered with place names which had been mentioned in the stories and prayers.



SUMMER 2014 


Holiday Bible Club

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Children arriving for Mega Makers Holiday Bible Club entered, not the familiar Methodist Church, but the workshop of a crazy inventor.  Surrounded by rusty tools and ancient workbench was the Mega Machine, the inventor’s pride and joy – an awesome contraption of dials, switches, horns, handles etc.

When the children(aka mechanics) had “clocked on”, they headed for their group toolsheds; the youngest were the Tweets, the middle agers, the Yahoos (they chose their own names!) and the older group were the Techies..

Before long, the inventor, Professor Brainwave,  who had clearly inherited Albert Einstein’s wig, burst upon us, along with his even nuttier friend, Numpty.  Brainwave enthused about how his machine made small things bigger and demonstrated;  a small bread roll was fed into the machine and, after an alarming series of boings, bangs, clangs, cuckoo chimes and explosions, emerged as a French baguette.

What had all this to do with the Bible, we hear you ask.  Well, the Bible Memory verse was Ephesians3v18 and expresses God’s “mega” love for us.  And each day’s story was from St Matthew’s Gospel where we see how Jesus’s ministry was making so many things wider, deeper, bigger and greater.

We had quizzes (with the indispensable spaghetti pot), games and creative challenges all linked to the invention theme.  Each session concluded in the Toolshed groups as children used the Inventor’s Notebooks to explore further the meaning of that morning’s story.

Interest in the Mega Machine was – well- mega!  “What would happen if you put a potato/ egg/water/ balloon into the machine?”  We carried out all the experiments with hilarious and startling results.

Throughout  the week we were very conscious of the presence with us of the ultimate Mega Maker and are very grateful to those who used, and continue to use, the ultimate power tool of prayer to support us in this outreach.

Stephen, Henry and Betty   

now watch the video of the Mega machine in action

some images from "mega makers"

If anyone needs the use of the Mega Machine for a Holiday Bible it is available.